Ripley's Aquarium

1110 Celebrity Circle
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach

If you have ever researched things to do in Myrtle Beach or taken a Myrtle Beach vacation, then you have probably heard about Ripley's Aquarium, which is located at Broadway at the Beach. Ripley's Aquarium is an impressive 85,000 square foot aquarium that features a large variety of marine life in fun and unique exhibits.

Shark at Ripley's

Several of the exhibits are interactive and a big hit with kids. Kids can touch sting rays in Friendship Flats, a shallow lagoon, or they can hold horseshoe crabs in the Sea-For-Yourself Discovery Center. Dangerous Reef, the most popular attraction at the aquarium, is a 340-foot glide path (moving walkway) through a 750,000 gallon fish tank filled with an impressive array of exotic fish, huge stingrays, moray eels, sea turtles and several shark species including the ferocious looking sand tiger shark. Ripley's Aquarium is a great place to take the kids when you need a break from the heat or perhaps if the weather is not cooperating. Ripley's Aquarium offers a wide variety of fun, creative and educational programs for kids, school groups, teachers and more.

In the Indo-Pacific Coral Reef exhibit visitors will find thousands of beautiful, brightly colored fish from the tropical islands of the Pacific Ocean. No Pacific Ocean seascape would be complete without coral reefs. The aquarium has created realistic replicas of the delicate coral reefs which capture the beauty of the real coral reefs. You will not want to miss the live dive shows when divers go into the tank to hand feed the fish (dive schedule varies by season).

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Head over to the amazing, exotic Rio Amazon exhibit and discover freshwater species that are unique to the lush, tropical Amazon rainforest including ravenous piranhas, poison dart frogs, freshwater stingrays, armored catfish, mudskippers, four-eyed fish and green iguanas.

Ripley's Aquarium is a kid-friendly attraction offering Special Experiences for visitors of all ages.

Sleep with the Sharks allows you to spend the night at the aquarium and features a dive show, scavenger hunt and more.

Check out the Swim with the Stingrays Experience where you slip on a dive skin, hop right in and interact with stingrays.

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